Collectible Dry

About project Period: 1 Feb – 1 Mar 2019 Client: Collectible Dry Subject: Web Traffic Goal: Inscrease Visitors, Brand Awareness Platform: Adwords, Banners placement Process Adwords and Banner Placement Adwords Competitors Analysis Adwords Campaign Strategy Adwords Campaign Management Banners Placement Result    Adwords: 600 clicks Click ratio: +6% Banner placements visits: 200,000 Kadoo Media for

Tramontano Gioielli Italiani

About project Period: 12 Jan – 30 Mar 2019 Client: Tramontano Subject: Social media Growth Goal: Inscrease Followers, Brand Awareness Platform: Instagram, Facebook Process Social Media Management and Advertising. Facebook Management Facebook Advertising Instagram Management Instagram Advertising Result Instagram: 4500+ Followers Instagram: +3% Engagement Facebook Advertising: +7% Engagement Facebook Direct messages: +19% Facebook Ads clicks: 2100 clicks Facebook…


About project Period: 24 June – 19 September 2018 Client: Reseller Agency Subject: Deutz video seeding Goal: 750,000 video views Platform: YouTube Process Video Distribution across social Networks. Facebook distribution Twitter Distribution Sponsored Ads Result Category: Video Seeding Platform: YouTube Campaign length: 40 days Received over 825,000 views on Youtube 1100 clicks stats